Discover a Better Way to Buy and Sell Mobile Home Parks

Backed by decades of experience in MHP real estate, Glenn Esterson and his team provides exceptional advisory services to park owners and would-be investors to learn how to achieve the best possible value.

Full-Service Manufactured Housing Community Advisory Services

With a focus on conducting insightful market research and building strong, lasting relationships, The MHP Expert offers a complete range of valuable advisory services. From a free initial evaluation to profit-building strategies, we work closely with park owners to maximize their communities.


Free Property Valuation Services

Curious about how your MHC/RV stacks up in today’s market? In 2020 we provided more than 315 complimentary community evaluations exceeding $1.76 Billion in park valuations. We help park owners and would be buyers determine and maximize the community’s value. All with a no-nonsense approach. Reach out today!


Advisory and Consulting Services

If your park evaluation isn’t measuring up to your expectations, then we can advise you on ways to improve it. We offer data-driven advisory services that include rent comps, sales comps, SWOT analysis, upside plans, and more! Plus, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in all things MHC/RV! Stop waiting and start getting more.


Traditional Brokerage Services

When you’re ready to pull the trigger, we’ll introduce you to the Esterson MHC Team of Marcus & Millichap. They will assist you through every step of selling, financing, and purchasing a MHP. Guided by Glenn Esterson’s deep industry expertise & strategic marketing & vetting of buyers means you will earn the best possible price for your property.

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Work With a Trusted and Experienced Leader in MHP Real Estate


Unparalleled Advisory Experience

We preform billions of dollars worth of free evaluations annually and have advised on more MHP deals than any other advisory group giving our clients a real competitive edge.


Firsthand MHP Knowledge

From 2004 – 2015, Glenn Esterson owned, managed, occasionally lived in, and repaired every facet of a MHP. As a full-time national broker, he is now fully divested because we never want to compete with our clients. Glenn’s goal is to help clients achieve the best possible pricing and provide the best possible service in the industry.


Real Relationships, No Pressure

With an extensive list of pre-qualified buyers in both real estate and non-real estate financial sectors, we can avoid high-pressure tactics and always do what’s best for our clients unique situations.

Our Track Record (And Satisfied Customers) Speak For Themselves


$1,767,000,000+ 2020 Park Evaluations

With more than a billion dollars worth of free park evaluations completed each year, The MHP Expert has intimate knowledge of this industry and what it takes to achieve above market pricing consistently.


67% of our clients are in a 1031 Exchange

Through strategic marketing and vetting of qualified, out-of-state 1031 exchange buyers, 72% of transactions that we advised on have been with out-of-state buyers, and 67% of those buyers were 1031 exchanges.


12,500+ Community Investors

Having the industry’s most comprehensive investor database we have helped hundreds of owners get maximum value out of their park through our network of 12,500+ park investors.

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Learn with The MHP Expert!

Mobile home parks are one of the most reliable real estate investments available. But it can be hard to navigate the world of MHPs. On The MHP Expert podcast, Glenn Esterson reveals the knowledge and insight he’s gained from brokering over 381 transactions.

Each episode of The MHP Expert features Glenn breaking down the ins-and-outs of MHP ownership and brokering, including tenant screening, common MHP mistakes, the future of MHPs, and more! If you’re an owner — or interested in buying or selling a mobile home park — then check out the free episodes of the podcast below.


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