Glenn Esterson

The MHP Expert

With 20+ years of experience, a best-selling book and hundreds of successful multi-million dollar mobile home park deals, Glenn is also a highly sought after conference speaker and a top manufactured housing industry expert.


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It Starts with Hello

No two people — or sales — are the same. Glenn has always believed in building strong and lasting relationships with his clients. It may take more time, but in the long run it’s the kind of personal touch that helps pair informed buyers with smarter investments. 

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Advising & Consulting

Glenn Esterson has over 20 years of experience as an MHP broker. Prior to exclusively focusing on mobile home communities, Glenn has been brokering since 2001.  Now you can access his vast knowledge as both an owner and a broker in a consultation session. 

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Speaking Engagements

Glenn's life story is nothing short of inspirational. His journey to becoming one of the country's most successful mobile home park brokers and best-selling author is full of the unexpected. Book Glenn for your panel, conference, podcast or tradeshow today.


I am an advocate of the underdog.

I believe that humble beginnings and rough starts do not determine future outcomes. I know that real personal growth is extremely uncomfortable.

At my core I am rooted in the concept that all people deserve empathy and understanding, after all, that is what I needed most when I was going through all of my life's trials and tribulations.

Move forward like your life depends on it. Work your purpose like your life depends on it. It's OK to fail, just get back up again, and again and again and again. 


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There is a steep learning curve in this business, and I aim to help you achieve a stable footing in what is currently the wild west of real estate. It's not too late to still get a good deal. The industry is still ripe for the picking if you know where to look and how to negotiate. 


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Many have lost in the Mobile Home Park game, but many more have made millions in a very short time by following some simple yet uncommon rules.

Try the Masterclass risk-free: If you're not satisfied, get all your money back.


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Featuring Glenn Esterson and Jason Sirotin, The Mobile Home Expert Podcast follows Jason on his journey as a potential investor into the mobile home park (MHP) industry. 


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The Upside of Independent MHPs

The MHP Expert himself is actually a former owner of an independent (also known as a Mom & Pop) MHP. I've both bought from, and operated...

Liens & Zoning Before Park Sales

So you're ready to sell your park. You've cleared any municipal hurdles between you and your park's sale. Congratulations on this milestone; we know how tedious...

Owner Financing Your MHP Sale

If you're an MHP owner looking to sell, you might want to consider how the financing is going to work on the deal. We've previously discussed...

give tenants good resources to climb the ladder

- Glenn Esterson


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Sam T.

Founder of Parkstone Communities

Since 2015, we’ve acquired 10 parks and over 660 sites across the Southeast. Only 3 of those purchases came from a traditional listing service. The majority of them were the result of direct contact with the owner of an off-market opportunity from an established relationship with an agent. Glenn Esterson and his team are not transactional brokers, however, I view them more as a trusted advisor whose skill set spans beyond simply taking us to close.


Jace Y.

Masterclass Student

The course itself along with the book were both very informative. Myself, as a rookie in the space, found this very helpful in order to build a foundational understanding. The true value I believe comes from the resources you provide. The Underwriting templates are INCREDIBLE. I feel as though I am much better geared towards finding and purchasing a park.


Rick L.

Best MHP Investing book

I am new to the MHP investing and have spent the past several months educating myself on this market, Do's , Don't's , ,etc.. I have purchased a few other training books and courses. Then I found Glenn's book. It's been a game changer. He takes us through a step by step PROCESS on how to find, buy and run a profitable MHP. He even includes lists of Due Diligence Check List so you don't miss problem areas. He also explains the key metrics you have to factor in to get a good park and do NOT over pay for the Park. His book is an easy read and his 20 years of experience is included throughout the chapters.... A Must Buy for serious Buyers!


Roby S.

Trubild, llc.

We have worked with Glenn Esterson over the last two years as a buyer on several transactions, around 1,000 units. These were in North Carolina and Georgia and we are working on further deals to this day. Glenn does a great job of striking a balance between the seller and buyer and has delivered profitable deals. He has also worked hard anytime a deal has any challenges, to come up with creative solutions to get to the finish line and keep all parties comfortable and protected. We are happy to recommend Glenn and his team to any buyer or seller of manufactures housing communities.


Nate G.

Masterclass Student

Just wanted to thank you for putting together the masterclass. I found it full of good insights & perspective. I'm a multifamily owner expanding into the MHC space. Look forward to the opportunity to hopefully work together in the future.
Thanks again for adding value!


Frank C.

Kings Meadow MHP

Dear Glenn, I wanted to take this moment and express how much I have enjoyed and appreciate working with you and your team over the past 18 months to purchase mobile home parks in the Southeast. First, as an out-of-state buyer I have very specific needs based on my investment criteria, and you are continuously putting on- and off-market, high-quality deals in front of me for my review throughout the year. Secondly, after identifying one of those deals to put under contract, you were very timely and efficient from the LOI straight through to the close, always keeping the deal moving along and always with a positive attitude.


Beau M.

Best MHP Investing book

Glenn is truly an expert when it comes to the finer details of the mobile home park industry. He walks the reader through the entire life cycle of a transaction from acquisition, due diligence, operations, renovations, financing, and disposition. Even as an owner of several communities, Glenn presented ideas and concepts that I had never really contemplated before, but will implement into my business going forward. Whether you are looking to invest in the asset class for the first or time are a seasoned owner, there is sure to be value gained by reading Glenn's manifesto.



Jones Estates LLC

Jones Estates has acquired 13 communities and have only ever sold two. Glenn marketed the properties very well, generated significant interest, and then was able to help us select the right buyer, who not only paid a good price but also was credible to close the transaction. Glenn made the transaction simple for us and worked hard along the way to represent our interests. In aggregate, the deals closed for just over $5.5M, and both closed along the pre-agreed timeline.


David B.

Founder, Avenue Land Company

Glenn and his team have an impressive off-market deal flow pipeline. They are thorough in their support of the due diligence process and work hard to facilitate a smooth transactional process.


Justin J.

Justin Jefferies

We tried to sell our large 5 park portfolio on our own first, then tried local brokers, then TenX all unsuccessfully. Soon after we were approached by Glenn Esterson. Glenn quickly assessed our parks, provided a comprehensive BOV and explained that his network had the right buyers for our portfolio. We were quickly under contract and Glenn was instrumental in negotiations between both parties throughout the process. I recommend Glenn to anyone that is interested in or thinking about selling their park or portfolio. Glenn works quickly and his no nonsense way of doing business makes you feel that you are dealing with someone that truly understands the market and at what price these properties will sell.