A Look Into Modular Homes

The beauty of manufactured homes is they are as intricate in their design as an actual house! Take modular homes, for example. These actually look like real homes, but they are in fact mobile. They are nice looking, and offer manufactured home owners a sleek make up for their property.
There are actually some very cool groups out there that are making a dent into such properities. Tenfold engineering is a popular one that makes state of the art, mobile trailers. It’s not an RV, in that it functions as a permanent home. But with the push of one button, it can become movable in seconds. Tenfold sees great success in taking their concept from the schematic stage to real life, dependable applications.

Manufactured Homes Overseas

Let’s look, for a moment, across the pond. Over in Poland, there’s a group that makes monstrously beautiful modular homes. They come in the form of cubes, either 4ft x 4ft, or also 6ft x 6ft in stature. The wildest part is they are delivered fully built. The result is a 3,000 square foot home ready after only three weeks of processing. From there, they ship the homes to the buyer’s locale, and if the ground is ready for the home, it’ll be erected within 3 days.
Also, this group isn’t alone; there are actually several efforts in Poland to revolutionize home building in this way. A quick google search will reveal the extent to which these efforts have made progress. It’s definitely worth a look if you have the time to spare.

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