A Talk With Rent Butter: Podcast Episode 38

The Mobile Home Park Expert Podcast is back! Let us begin by extending our warm regards for this holiday season. We hope you all enjoyed this past Thanksgiving, and we’re happy to be back delivering the most up to date MHP news. Today, we’re joined by Tom Raleigh, co-founder of Rent Butter.

Rent Butter is an “advanced tenant screening platform.” As Jay asserts, it’s a game changer for park owners. It was such a novel concept, I couldn’t help but invest. Read on to learn just how Rent Butter is adding top value to the mobile home park space!

Problems With Tenant Screening?

Regardless of my investment in this company, I would champion it nonetheless. The real question is how could you not after reviewing its functionality? It also helps that Rent Butter’s efforts date back to the earlier days of applicant screening.

Tom and his colleagues saw a huge void when it comes to this area. “There’s a giant hole in the screening industry at the blue collar workforce arena.” Those with “credit scores in [the] mid 5’s, mid 6’s,” are often at risk of getting the short end of the stick.

An Advanced Screener For All

It’s not the landlord’s fault in all actuality. But rather, the screening tools currently in place aren’t as in depth as they should be. Enter Rent Butter! Tom says it best: “We help landlords better assess risk, so they can, at the end of the day, help their NOI.”

For those in that mid 500 to 600 range, it can be very difficult to approve them by current standards. But not everyone that falls into this range is a bad bet as a tenant. In fact, “this particular tenant base fits well into the MHP space”. It’d be a shame to overlook quality tenants over skewed technicalities. But what makes the minds at Rent Butter well equipped to assist in noting the distinction?

The Past & Future Of Rent Butter

Tom has an extensive resume when it comes to presiding over evictions. In fact, he “spent a lifetime doing piles of evictions in the Southside of Chicago”. The trends he observed here would go on to lay the foundation for what became Rent Butter. In perfect world, Rent Butter will lead the way to a future where eviction companies are no longer needed!

Some other pluses of Rent Butter include it being compatible with Rent Manager. Also, in addition to screening for the usual factors, it also monitors potential tenants income/expense ratio. This helps to really narrow down their spending habits and determine whether they’re a good fit for the home.

The MHP Expert & Rent Butter

Rent Butter is already up and running, with several of those in my network already taking advantage of it. They’re even set to take a giant leap forward in December with some awesome new announcements on the way.

Check out the clip above in full to learn more! As always, for more info on the mobile home park space, don’t hesitate to reach out to the MHP Expert today!

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