Building An MHP Seller Database

Building an MHP Seller Database is more complex than you may think. You can always go look for low hanging fruit. Say, for example, that a seller posts his park for sale on a typical platform. This can be the Mobile Home University, or Craigslist, or even via a FSBO sign out front.

There’s also wholesalers that you can find on social media groups and forums. The only issue here is they don’t usually have the greatest quality of books and records. As such, brokers are a good choice for generating good leads. They have piles of them to put you into, both on and off market. You’ll ideally get a bit more quality information than you would from a wholesaler.

The Old School Approach To Building A Database

You can, of course, use the old school way of building out your own seller database. This starts with locating a park owner or LLC. Use google earth to browse different addresses, as well as to discover who owns what parcel. From there, run a search on ABCLLC. Back track this to a name, and then google it until you find a phone number.

You can also try showing up in person to your local park. If there’s a guy in coveralls who’s working on a trailer, as he’s most likely the owner. Have a discussion with him, build a relationship, and add them to your database.

To Sell, Or Not To Sell Your MHP?

Keep in mind that not every database strategy is perfect. Getting any good list with actual sellers on the hook requires time and dedication. If a seller is ready to sell today, he probably told you and everyone else that’s called this information. That creates a ton of competition which can take its toll on you.

If he’s not ready to sell, you may have to stay in touch with him for a while. It may even be a few years until the opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, build out that relationship. This determines your spot on the call list when they’re ready.

Having A Broker On Your Side Helps

Dealing with a broker saves a lot of that painful stuff. Brokers already have a list of active sellers. It will likely cost you a little bit more, but you’ll spend a lot less time trying to find the deal.

You could pay a VA to skip trace an address list that you purchased or downloaded from somewhere. This will give you good enough results, but a lot of fine tuning is required. For the effort, it doesn’t really give you a competitive edge, which means it may not be worthwhile. Get the most out of your dollar with a qualified partner.

The MHP Expert

Are you currently looking to build your contact list in the MHP space? Reach out to us today! We have a wealth of partnerships and relationships throughout the industry. We can connect you to professionals based on your goals. Our advice is one call away!

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