Demand In The MHP Industry: Supply Chain Revisited

As we covered in a previous article, the MHP supply chain has seen serious setbacks. We’re only producing a 100,000 homes per year. Demand is skyrocketing, and the production lag time is likely deterring interested parties. Fortunately, this lag has inspired some innovative solution attempts.

There have been many spin-off companies that are revolutionizing manufactured housing. Companies like Ten Fold Engineering aim to close the demand gap between production times. There’s even a company in Poland that’s producing 1700 custom modular homes a year. This all comes from one factory. Can you guess how long it takes them to get these new homes prepared to live in? Two Weeks.

The future of the industry

There’s really neat things happening in the wake of the pandemic. These innovative approaches are showing us how creative we can be. It’s also an alert to get in the game. If our industry doesn’t keep up, others will commandeer our lead.

Luckily, the mobile home industry is one of the few that have withstood both time and a pandemic. Our community members are the best and brightest, and we’re more than confident we’ll see an uptick. Click here to listen to an even further review on The MHP Expert Podcast!

The MHP Expert

The Mobile Home Park Industry is growing to be one of the best sources for passive income. All it takes is the right guidance, and practice to find your way in it. It doesn’t hurt to have a good partner, either.

That’s where we come in. The Mobile Home Park Expert is your one stop shop for all thing MHC. Have any more specific questions, or curious about joining the industry? Reach out to us today! We’re happy to determine the best approach for your MHP goals. You can schedule a consultation with us on our contact page here!

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