Episode 45: The Future of Manufactured Home Parks

Welcome back to The Mobile Home Park Expert podcast! My co-host, Jason, joins me once again to discuss the latest and greatest in the Mobile Home Park industry. Today’s topic is the future of Manufactured Home Parks. There have been so many developments and curveballs the past few years; what lies ahead for our beloved field?

The question extends to all facets of the industry. It can apply to business trends in the industry by state, or even to interior mobile home design. Read on for a deep dive into some of our most grand predictions.

A Note Before We Begin

First things first. Let us begin by saying, these are only predictions. Of course, we don’t have a crystal ball telling us exactly where things are headed. Still, it doesn’t hurt to make educated guesses based on the current state of the industry.

Smart Mobile Homes?

As technology has progressed, its impact on the rest of our daily lives has become more than evident. By now we’re used to our phones, cars, and homes being automated with these advances. But have you stepped into a “smart” mobile home? It’s a life changing experience!

Looking Towards The Future

“Completely off the grid; they’re going to have solar panels, their own sets of batteries, thermal heating… all sorts of cool things that will be coming our way.” Take the efforts of Ten Fold Engineering, for example. They specialize in mobile homes with amenities that fold inwards and outwards. “You press a button, your home collapses… [and] you [can] take your home wherever you need to.”

While concepts like these are still in their beginning stages, they’re still worthy of attention nonetheless. It’s also a great indication of where the industry is headed in general. Better homes, better experiences, and all the same conveniences we’re accustomed to from our favorite company.

Working With The MHP Expert

Listen above for a full breakdown into our conversation. Looking to take your next steps into The Mobile Home Park Industry? A good broker can reduce headaches, spot bad deals, and so much more. This is where The MHP Expert shines. Check out our services page for more information!

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