Finding Financial Freedom In The MHP Space

The Mobile Home Park Industry is more than just a business. It’s an opportunity to create financial freedom. As the cliche goes, why spend all of your time working on someone else’s dreams. Even if Mobile Home Parks aren’t something you foresaw, it can still serve as good income.

Of course, pursuing the industry is no small task. It’s a multi-year commitment, and there are some lessons to learn along the way. But the financial freedom waiting on the other side of that hard work is priceless. Don’t take our word for it though. Check out some pretty awesome success stories below.

Putting The Power Back Into Your Hands

Our first success story comes from investor Sam Barr, of Blue Bear Properties. Sam shared his testimony on an MHP forum on LinkedIn. He posted how he “closed on a cash out refi on a smaller” park.

Its valuation was $240,000 at the time of his purchase last December (2020). Now, it’s currently worth $455,000, with a growth projection of another $100,000 within the next 12 months. “I’ll have created $300,000 in value, and $1,500 a month in cash flow in 18 months… with maybe 100 hours of work total. In 2020, my bank job salary was under 60k. This is what freedom feels like.”

A Success Story Close To Home

At The Mobile Home Park Expert, we have our own success stories to share. Take our Springfield Community Portfolio, for example. The owners bought five parks from 2016-2019 for about 19 million. I sold it for 38million in July of 2021. Granted they put in a ton of time and money to clean it up and make it sellable, but not too bad for a few years of work!

Of course, you can’t guarantee these things. But when working with a solid broker, your chances go through the roof. That’s where partners like The Mobile Home Park Expert come in.

The Mobile Home Park Expert

In a post-pandemic world, the opportunities for entrepreneurship are all around. There are mass reports of less employee shortages. More people are taking the route of creating their own professional infrastructures. Imagine an industry that offers its participants a real return on their investment. 

That said, the industry isn’t as simple as just joining. You’ll need a qualified guiding hand to help you navigate the space. The Mobile Home Park Expert is here to help you ensure success. Have more questions? You can reach us on our contact page, here. Schedule a consultation with us to figure out how we can best assist you!

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