Getting Into Mobile Home Park Investing

So you’re looking to begin your foray into mobile home park investing? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Mobile Home Park Expert is your go to for all things MHP. Getting into the industry can be a daunting task; we’ll make things a bit easier for you!

With this checklist, you’ll be prepared to take on your first steps into the field with confidence! Have more questions regarding the many facets of the industry? Be sure to browse our extensive blog database for detailed breakdowns of each aspect. Now, back to getting into the industry!

First Steps In MHP

If you’ve gone through all the rigmarole of becoming an MHP investor, hats off to you! We know this was no simple decision. And we won’t sugarcoat things; you have a long road ahead as your MHP goals take shape. So what’s a good starting point on how to find a community for sale?

Creating a database of parks in your target area and cold calling the park’s owner is one of the more effective approaches. However, its time consuming and can be awkward. If cold calling isn’t your thing, then one of the first places to start looking at are the listing boards. You know how houses have the MLS? It’s a database full of listed homes. The MHP space has something similar, albeit split up across multiple sites! All the agents with a park for sale, and sellers that want to sell direct, put them on these sites to gauge interest and receive purchase offers. We explore a few of them below!

MHP Buyers Beware

Before we continue, please do keep in mind that it takes a great deal review when looking at these listing. Like with any database, their are those seeking to take advantage. Each site should come with a “buyer beware” warning. Be sure to always properly vet a listing, to ensure everything is above board.

The Mobile Home Park Store

The Mobile Home Park Store is one of the most comprehensive databases you’ll find! While most of the information displayed might not be enough to make a decision off of, it’s enough to get started on to determine if there is legitimate interest. Always mind your p’s and q’s when searching! The MHP Expert recommends this as one of the top selection when it comes to current databases.

Other Listing Boards & Agents

Note that The MHP Store has more owners offering direct deals on it’s site. Other listing boards tend to host more broker-driven deals. Some of these most popular and trusted sites are Costar, Crexi and Loopnet. It takes some sorting to get to the locations and product types you’re interested in.

Most agents have their own unique sites, which are updated on a regular basis. Take us, for example! Our website is updated multiple times a week with new deals. Like other agent sites, deals go to our site first before reaching any other platform.

The MHP Expert

That’s all we have time for today, folks! But this certainly isn’t the last of our tips on MHP investing! Getting into the game isn’t easy, but you aren’t alone in it, either. We’re here to offer support however we can. Feel free to reach us via our contact page to get the conversation started!

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