How To Make Buyer’s Transition Easy

So you’re ready to sell your park. There are quite a few moves you can make to help the process go along a bit easier. Management is a real big thing. As we’ve stated previously, many mom and pop parks forego management because they feel they can handle things in house. But, when approaching a buyer’s transition, having dedicated positions for these roles can help a ton.
If you have a manager in place, they may even stick around after the sale. This appeals to a buyer, in that they know they’ll have credentialed support on hand. They’ll know their way around the park, records, software, and so much more, allowing for a smooth buyer’s transition.

How Management Can Help

Sellers are often uncomfortable telling their employees they’re planning on selling. It makes sense; no one wants to break the news to a team that their jobs may be over. This can lead to a lack of morale, and seriously hurt efforts moving forward.
But, it would likely behoove you to pick at least one member of the management staff that you can trust with this information. Let them know what’s to come, and work to prepare them for the impending transition.

Getting Your MHP Ducks In A Row

You’ll also want to make sure you have documentation on your tenants, whether it’s leases or applications, or both. Organizing these files, along with any docs you have on your POHs , will help the buyer’s transition tremendously.
That’s barely surface when it comes to things you can do to ensure the smooth sale of your park. In truth, it takes a lot of hard work, time, and support. If you’re in need of more resources for your efforts, reach out to us here at The MHP Expert! Check out our services page to learn more.

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