Investing In A Peak MHP Market

Even in a peak MHP market, if you can follow a solid investment model, you can’t lose. So long as you can cover your carrying costs, you’ll be in a good place. Now, it’s worth noting that you may not make as much money in a peak market. But, it’s still a worthwhile enough investment to look into. 

In a previous piece, I’ve discussed how I’d much rather not invest in mobile home parks because of my aversion to the amount of leg work they take. You can read more on that in those aforementioned pieces. However, that’s not to say that I’d discourage anyone else from doing so. If you don’t mind taking on the work, I’d say go for it!

How Taxes Help

Even the tax structure of the business bodes well for investors. The way it’s set up, you should be able to get your down payment back, depending on how you follow through. From here, you should be able to turn things into an infinite return. Which is pretty nice, if you ask us.

There aren’t too many endeavors that offer this kind of safety net for your returns. Some of note include buying businesses. This can mean becoming a part owner in a number of companies across a variety of businesses. Take your very own MHP Expert (me), for example.

The Importance Of Diversifying Your Portfolio

I’ve partnered with several businesses outside of the MHP market. These span across various fields, including cash flowing real estate, and even the legal cannabis industry. Of course, this is a different monster altogether. It takes a great deal of effort, and as such, you’ll likely want to aim for something that you enjoy, or at the very least are passionate about. The bottom line is, your returns from the MHP space allow you to spread your wings enough to do so.

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