MHP Security Needs: What To Know

One issue that has been brought up recently in an MHP forum is that of MHP security needs. This stems from a discussion regarding the hassle of replacing the locks on a home. Basically, the owner was looking for a more cost effective means of replacing their locks. It was becoming a bit more of a financial burden than they wanted to deal with.

In this case, the answer boils down to when your home was made. If a home in your park is an older model, you’ll likely have a much harder time replacing their locks. The doors are made of foam, and it’s a wonder that people were able to live behind them!

MHP Safety Measures

New homes, however, have a much more durable makeup. They’re more akin to the doors you’ll find in a modern apartment or residential home. As it pertains to the questions of cost, in every case you get what you pay for. Good locks will run you upwards of $100; there’s really no way around this. That said, there are some other measures you can take to up the security in your park. As a park owner, some of the better security items you can get are cameras and lighting. This helps to keep the park owner in the clear in the event of a break-in, etc.

You can also implement a system that reads license plates. This subscription based program uses a camera to read every plate that enters and exits the park. We then cross reference the plates in a criminal database, notifying police any time a car with an active warrant enters the premises. This is a great preventative measure when it comes to ensuring your park’s safety.

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Keeping your park safe is one of many considerations you’ll have as a park owner. Need help ensuring your MHP Security Needs? Let The MHP Expert guide you along your MHP journey into success! Check out our services page here.

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