MHP Terms: The Vocabulary Behind Mobile Home Parks

Welcome back to The MHP Expert! Today, we’ll be discussing our favorite subject: MHPs. So what is the meaning of MHP? Where does the acronym come from? You may be surprised to know that MHP is actually the second traditional name associated with the industry. And more than that, there are a few MHP terms to stay abreast of.

Mobile Home Park is the obvious, most common of the MHP Terms; you’ll find it referred to many times throughout our extensive blog list. But another, still pretty common meaning for the letters is “Manufactured Housing Park”. There’s not much of a distinction between the two; think of them as variants of the same overall concept!

MHP Or Trailer Park

That said, there is some contrast between the two MHP breakdowns. Mobile home parks do tend to be the point of reference when reviewing older model parks. Manufactured Housing Parks, or manufactured housing communities on the other hand, are more in line with newer iterations of our favored structures. This includes newer homes, newer builds, newer streets, and things of that sort.

Of course, neither of these terms is as famous as a bygone phrase for the business: we’re referring to the term trailer park. For the last decade or so, many have made a push away from the name into the former MHP titles. That’s due largely to the general perception of the word going downhill for various reasons.

Land Lease Community

Another related term for the industry is land lease community. Industry leader George Allen is a huge proponent of the phrase taking center stage as the proper vernacular for the business.

This does often usher in a spot of contention and/or confusion for interested parties. A common question often posed is whether or not land lease communities allow for park owned homes, given its lot rent status.

Modular Home Communities

For those with some time in the industry, you may have come across the phrase modular home community. This option is distinguished as being exclusive to more high end manufactured communities. Instead of building one piece of an infrastructure, they instead erect an entire building; be it L-shaped, 2-story, etc.

While these distinctions are worthy of note, they don’t make too much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. They are all angles of the same work of art, a testament to the versatility and complexity of the industry.

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