Sewer Lines: Mobile Home Park Utilities

Previously, we discussed how maintenance for electrical and water utilities can be a big hassle. Both privatized and municipality run utilities come with their own laundry list of considerations. Today we’re back to discuss even more utilities, like managing sewer lines. We’ll see how they stack up against electricity and water.

You can review our previous discourse on the topic at this link. The first utility we’ll be reviewing today? Sewage. If you can believe, this is actually more complex of an ordeal than water! Read on as The MHP Expert unpacks everything, keeping you up to date and informed.

Managing Sewer Lines

Sewage carries many of the same basic understandings as water. When public, it’s controlled by the municipality. When private, things get a heck of a lot more complicated. The most ideal situation we can see is if the municipality handles things. This makes things much easier to manage as the city bills you directly.

This doesn’t mean there’s no due diligence at all, but it’s much less hectic than if the landlord owns the sewer lines. In this case, you’ll have to take a closer look at the kind of lines they have in place. If they’re what’s known as orangeburn, brace yourself for the impending complications.

Knowing The Signs Of Poor Lines

Orangeburg sewer lines are notorious for collapsing on owners. These were discontinued almost 40 years ago. As such, most of these have outlived their purpose. They’re an antiquated approach that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

If your aim is to replace the lines, be prepared to dig deep into your pockets. The cost is exponential! There’s also tank maintenance, leach field health, and more. So much to consider! Treatment plans, lagoons, mountain systems, and more also have their own impact on septic lines.

Private Owned Sewer Lines

So what’s the worst case scenario when it comes to your septic? Think about having privately owned lines. The complexities of this approach are already lengthy. But add being located in a floodway zone into the mix, and things get even crazier. This could effectively ruin your park.

In this case, that flooding will interact with the septic tank, bringing a lot of its contents above ground. This can lead to quick shut downs, massive profit loss, and an overall splitting headache. This is why we campaign so hard for municipality backed utilities. It saves you a ton of time and money.

Other Miscellaneous Utilities

Once you’ve gotten your electricity, water, and sewage handled, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The utilities become much less complicated as you proceed. Trash, for example, can be handled with curbside cans, or a dumpster. Cable, on the other hand, often comes with an expensive contract that may take a bit of thinking to address. Still, it’s relatively easy compared to many of its counterparts.

The MHP Expert

This may seem like a lot of information coming at you at one time, and it is! There’s no simple answer to The Mobile Home Park Industry. But, there are several outlets that exist purely for the sake of helping you on your MHP journey. Case in point, The MHP Expert! Learn more about how we can help your efforts here!

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