Pet Policy In Your Mobile Home Park

Some park owners are having a hard time keeping their park clean. For example, tenants who have pets tend to have more to clean up, especially if they walk their pets around the park. This not only impacts a park’s cleanliness, but other tenants’ satisfaction as well. Here’s where a targeted pet policy will keep things on track.

If you’re going to allow pets in your park, there are a few considerations to follow through on. First, it would be wise to charge a pet fee to your tenants to house their pets on the site. You’ll be able to offset some of the overhead for common clean up. You should also require the tenant to carry a pet liability insurance policy so that in case the pet bites someone or destroys something the liability doesn’t come back to “bite” you! And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Enforcing Pet Policy

Another solid provision would be to include a designated dog walking area. A nice dog park is low cost, and incentivizes pet owners to localize their tracks. It’s also good to provide accessible waste baggies throughout the park.

You may also want to consider enforcing your waste pick up policy. The promise of a strict consequence, such as a fine, or some other reprimand, may be a strong enough deterrent. Keep in mind that this will likely require the installation of ancillary accessories. Cameras, for one, will help in identifying guilty parties.

What About No Pets?

A no-pet policy is also perfectly acceptable. There’s no rule that says you can’t bar pets from the premises. This, of course, would remove the concern altogether. You can also have an amended policy that only allows for a certain size or breed of pet. Most parks have a no big animal policy, and for better or worse, your insurer may advise adopting this. Or maybe you can charge a higher pet fee for those with larger, more aggressive breeds.

To note, our aim is not to discriminate against any breed. But the sad truth is no matter how loving and wonderful our pets can be, some do still get a negative reputation. The bottom line is, it’s on you as a park owner to decide if you want to take on that insurance risk. You as the owner are ultimately responsible if anything goes wrong, and the park could be held liable. Consult with your insurer on whether or not it’s a wise move for you.

The MHP Expert

Keep in mind that any limitation on your pet policy lessens the overall amount of possible tenants. This is something to consider if you are having trouble filling your park’s vacant homes. In all, it’s good to think your course of action through, ensuring the best decision for your park.

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