Mobile Home Park Investing: Podcast Episode 27

Welcome back to The Mobile Home Park Expert Podcast! Jason and Glenn are back to discuss yet another aspect of the industry. Are you an investor, but don’t have the capital for larger real estate endeavors? The mobile home park industry may be perfect for you! It presents a long list of opportunities for those just breaking into the industry.
On today’s episode, Jay and Glenn do a deep dive into mobile home park investing. Ever been curious about the options you have as an investor? Look no further. Listen above for the audio, and read below for an even deeper look into the topic!

LPs In Mobile Home Parks

As Glenn notes, the things to stay abreast of depend on your goals. This will help you determine the corresponding skill set and information needed. For LP’s, the job is a little less strenuous. This refers to investors that contribute money, while others handle the dirty work. Glenn speaks on this from firsthand experience. “It’s a great thing. It’s brainless most of the time. You don’t have to lift a finger.”
It’s possible to see returns from interest, or even from a “waterfall” situation at the end of the deal. At the same time, you’re connected with noteworthy figures in the industry. There are both nationwide and local opportunities like this. The due diligence in this instance lies in knowing the return potential of the deal. Glenn notes that this makes the national deals more attractive than regional fare. Also, working with a seasoned park owner helps tremendously.

Knowing Who To Invest With

During the clip, Glenn endorses a few known entities. His reasoning for wanting to partner with them boils down to ethics. That should be your biggest consideration when partnering. Horizon Capital, for example, is known to operate with its inhabitants in mind. Their success rate is also unmatched. They have amazing success margins, and are the largest entity of their kind in New York.
Eliminating the typical rigmarole is worth the cost of admission. The is especially the case when the returns are all but guaranteed. The Mobile Home Park Expert doesn’t “play favorites,” though. In fact, there are several entities that are worth the weight in gold! We’re happy to point you in the right direction based on your needs. Glenn welcomes hopefuls to call him directly in order to accomplish this.

When To Expect Returns

Most “funds out there will be a 5 to 7 year fund.” Glenn notes how perfect it is for the semi-quick flip. Once you see your returns, there are immediate opportunities to jump back in the cycle. Or, you can take your earnings and move on to your next endeavor. Either way, the MHP industry sets you up for success when you approach it effectively.
Don’t be so quick to jump into a good short term deal. Sometimes there may be some long term stipulations that will tie you to it longer than you desire. This all comes down to proper planning and due diligence. That’s where the MHP expert comes in! We’re here to ensure a smooth journey into the business. Call us today with any further questions or concerns!

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