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Thinking About Selling Your Mobile Home Park?

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Sell Your Mobile Home Park With the MHP Expert

Mobile Home Park (MHP) owners are getting more and more offers to buy their parks. For potential investors, MHPs can be an appealing acquisition. MHPs have higher-than-average returns compared to other real estate investments, uncapitalized income streams, and they are nearly recession-proof with low operating expenses. Despite all of those positive attributes, many owners are feeling underwhelmed by the offers they’re receiving from buyers.

Glenn has executed more than 381 transactions over his career and continues to close deals nearly every week. No other broker is as qualified to understand, analyze, and accurately assign value to your unique mobile home community.

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How Does Glenn Increase Value?

It Starts with Hello

No two people – or sales – are the same. And Glenn builds strong and lasting relationships with his clients. It may take more time, but it’s the kind of personal touch that helps pair informed buyers with smart investments.

Real Numbers

We use a three-tiered formula to determine your evaluation. It starts with a thorough combination of estimates, research, and market value, and ends with a forecast about your investment’s resale value.

Low Pressure

Of all the evaluations done in a typical year, less than 11% became sales. As an advisor, Glenn values earning clients through reputation and hard work, not deceitful tactics. He has conducted thousands of free evaluations without pressure or strings attached.

Must Ask Questions Checklist

All of Glenn’s sales begin with this Must Ask Questions Checklist, and you can have it for free. Plus if you contact Glenn for an evaluation with a complete Checklist, you’ll speed up the whole process!

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Backed By A Proven Track Record of Success


Unparalleled Advisory Experience

We preform billions of dollars worth of free evaluations annually and have advised on more MHP deals than any other advisory group giving our clients a real competitive edge.


67% clients in a 1031 Exchange

Through strategic marketing and vetting of qualified, out-of-state 1031 exchange buyers, 72% of transactions that we advised on have been with out-of-state buyers, and 67% of those buyers were 1031 exchanges.


12,500 Park Buyers

We’ve generated thousands of free mobile home valuations and helped hundreds of owners get maximum value out of their park through our network of 12,500 park investors.

Thinking About Selling Your MHP? Download Our Free Must Ask Questions Checklist First

See how a few simple steps can boost your MHP valuation by 8-13%!

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