The Upside of Independent MHPs

The MHP Expert himself is actually a former owner of an independent (also known as a Mom & Pop) MHP. I’ve both bought from, and operated independent MHPs during my career in the field. With this experience, I can confidently say there are some big upsides that come with this option. The first is that you’re able to write your own destiny. 
Mom and Pop MHPs offer you a chance at indulging in your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s always an exciting proposition to earn money from something that you own! Also, it’s a great opportunity to learn a skill that will serve you well in many areas of life.

Freedom Of Ownership

Aside from the bank or municipality, the list of permissions you’ll need to make decisions about your park are quite few and far between. No pesky investors or partners that require a sign off. No tedious reporting that takes up more of your valuable time. You’re also able to have full agency over who gets into your park. In short, there’s no one size fits all process.  

All you need is your own style of reporting that works for you. You can come up with creative solutions, if you choose, without having to jump through hoops to get it done. The best part? Not having to answer to anyone is only the first of your expected benefits.

Debt & Repairs

As a park owner, it’s likely that your biggest stressor is the debt accumulated on the path to ownership. But now, you’re in a position where your cash flows can fully cover any debits. When it comes to repairs, most of the time independent MHPs have an easier go of things. Jobs are carried out a lot faster than a corporate owned park. 

Have more questions for us? The MHP Expert is always on hand to answer any and all inquiries about the business. Check out our services page here. I’d love to hear from you!

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