Virtual Conferencing In The MHP Industry

There’s very little about our everyday lives that’s the same following the pandemic. We’re seeing massive cultural shifts all across the board. Some companies have already made the call to move their staff to full time remote positions. These changes have made their way into every industry, including mobile home parks.

Since the dawn of the shut downs, the industry wasted no time in getting up to speed. Virtual conferencing became the most reasonable option to keep operations moving. But how did this translate into the overall market returns? Learn more on the subject below!

So many conferences to choose from

In the last year, many credible names in the mobile home park space launched virtual efforts. These included informative digital meetings that aimed to connect leaders and newcomers alike. Members of the MHC came together like before, and we’re proud to have seen that collaboration up close.

From an operation standpoint, conferences had more attendees than ever. Many participants reported a ton of great feedback, and by all accounts, they were a success! It was certainly better to have than to not have it, especially given the tender climate of the past year.

Differences between virtual and in person

Don’t get us wrong. There’s really nothing that quite compares to the power of in person conferences. This lies in its support of networking. Sure, you can see a person over a virtual call. But face to face interaction is one of few ways to communicate sincerity.

Something about virtual conferencing sacrifices that energy that only close proximity can provide. This is even more apparent when considering the quality of our conferences pre-Covid. Needless to say, there’s a noticeable difference. Still, we’re glad it was able to occur, and it definitely sufficed given the state of things.

Options for virtual conferencing

Are covid or other limitations preventing you from having important conversations? This is a great solution! Even with the noted restrictions, as stated, this is still a great option when you’re low on choices. Platforms like Zoom and Google Meet offer many features and conferencing capabilities.

They are also easily paired with various Google apps. You can start a meeting immediately, or schedule a future one in your calendar with little issue. This offers a range of benefits, supporting time management and effective planning. We don’t expect things to be like this forever. But until they clear up, this is a solid choice!

Partnering With The MHP Expert

Some conferences were planning to return in person, though recent spikes in COVID cases may force rethinking. Others have already committed to maintaining their virtual efforts until they feel more comfortable returning to a brick and mortar conference. 

Need help with some aspect of the mobile home park industry? You’ve come to the right place! The MHP expert is your one stop shop for all things MHC related. You can schedule a consultation with us today to figure out how we can best serve you!

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