Water & Sewage: What to Know Before Buying an MHP

What is one thing we all need to live, and consume on a daily basis? Water. Not the most glamorous part of purchasing a mobile home park, but a necessary one. Be the most prepared buyer you can be with the MHP Expert’s Must Ask Questions Checklist.

Where Does an MHP’s Water Come From

To begin with, you need to ask the basic questions. Who pays the water bill? Who owns and maintains the water lines? What are the water lines made of?  Is the park sub-metered? What type of sub-meter is used? Along with how are the meters read? This determines the amount of gallons being used. Are there any current water issues you should be aware of, or possible ongoing/ recurring problems? Have there been any water leaks or flooding? When was the most recent repair? This lets you know if the water is going to be an irritating problem or if you are able to relax as the water is being handled. Finally, is the water system municipal or private? Be sure you are aware of any and all doings within the water system in your mobile home park. Ensure you have covered everything you may need to know by reviewing the MHP Expert’s Must Ask Questions Checklist.

Overflowing Wells: The Slippery Slope of Mobile Home Water

When was the last time you thought about a water well? As a buyer, it is necessary that you know how many tenants are on each well, and what the well lines are made of? Are there a lot of wells within your park? If so, who maintains, operates, and inspects these wells. What is the overall cost of the testing, chemicals, and cost to connect? All these factors can contribute to how much a park charges for rent and water. As always, know when the last repair for water occurred, and are there recurring issues that you should be aware of. The water in your park is used multiple times a day for a variety of functions. It is your job to make sure that before you buy a MHP, that you know the potential risks or rewards that come along with the property.

Must Ask Questions Regarding MHP Sewage

Next, you must ask the questions that no one wants to ask. The MHP Expert has over 20+ years of experience in the MHP industry, and we know that while all questions may not be fun, they are a very important process in guaranteeing a great ROI. So, let’s talk about sewers. What type of sewer lines are being used? Is there a lift or pump system? This can determine how smelly of a day your park might have if something goes wrong. Speaking of if something goes wrong, who maintains the sewer lines to the meter? When was the most recent repair? Are there frequent issues with sewage? Who owns and maintains the sewer lines to the meter? Make sure you know who they are so you know who to contact in case of an emergency. Asking the tough questions is part of the job, but with our 100% success rate, you are sure to have a great pay off. 

Get through the tough questions with the MHP Expert.

Check off each box in our MHP Must Ask Questions Checklist.

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