What Makes a Mobile Home Park?

What makes for prime mobile home park real estate? From the external appearance to the internal feel of community. The MHP Expert knows just the questions you should be asking.

Park Amenities

Everyone knows that it’s not just about personality, it is sometimes about appearance too. In this case, it is most always about appearance. What does this MHP offer? Does it have a pool and a playground for families and kids? Does this MHP have open fields that could be used as expansion or community events? All of these qualities provide a huge benefit on overall value. These are selling points. Does your mobile home park have a laundry with coin machines, or do your tenants have to go elsewhere? Having services like laundry within the park can add value to your MHP. What kind of feel do you want to present to potential tenants when they first step on your property? Appearance and amenities matter in the mobile home park industry. Ensure that your MHP is achieving all it can with The MHP Expert.

What an MHP’s Road Says About the Park

On the topic of appearance, let’s take a look at something you may not always think to notice. The road. Whether the road is good or bad can affect someone’s entire day. I know we have all been there, driving down a poor road, raging internally about the potholes. When purchasing a mobile home park it is important to know about the road conditions and when were the most recent repairs. Was it a year ago or five? What issues have been recently addressed, and what has not yet been resolved? Finally, are the roads in the MHP private or public? A private road is owned or maintained by an individual or business. A public road is maintained through the government. While I know the MHP industry is not always glamorous, it is important to treat each park you purchase as a luxurious establishment.

Maintaining an MHP’s Driveways

Picture this, you pull into your MHP after a long day of work and turn down your street. When you pull up to your home you realize you have no personal parking for your vehicle in front of your home. Your mobile home is lacking a driveway. One of the first things you may notice when pulling up to your mobile home is whether or not the home has a driveway. Before purchasing your mobile home real estate, make sure you know the condition of the driveways? Are they paved or gravel? What, if any, repairs or maintenance is needed? When was the last driveway repair or update? The MHP Expert will ensure that you are being thorough before making any large commitments. We want you to have the highest ROI. If the property does not include driveways, confirm the MHP’s stance on street parking. Or how many cars are allowed to park in the driveway. This can all potentially affect families moving in.

The MHP Expert has all the questions you should be asking.

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