What NOT to do as a Mobile Home Park Owner Pt. 1

Being a mobile home park owner comes with numerous considerations. The industry comes with many moving parts to keep in check. From Federal Housing Administration compliance, to zoning and land use laws, utilities, tenant screening, maintenance, and so much more. There’s truly no shortage of responsibilities.

Don’t Break FHA Laws 

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) laws are not something to be ignored. As a mobile home park owner, it is important to follow FHA rules and laws to avoid any potential legal consequences. Some key laws to pay attention to include those related to zoning and land use, health and safety, and the fair treatment of residents. This can include ensuring the park is in agreement with local zoning laws, properly maintaining utility hookups, and ensuring homes meet specific standards, such as having the wheels removed. Failure to follow FHA laws can result in fines, legal action, and a variety of other potential headaches. By following FHA guidelines, mobile home park owners can avoid possible problems and provide residents with safe, well-maintained homes and communities.

Do NOT Accept Wads of Cash 

As a smart mobile home park owner, accepting large sums of cash from potential residents without a proper vetting process can lead to serious consequences. Not only does it raise red flags for illegal activities but it also increases the risk of fraud and other potential legal issues. In order to provide a safe and stable environment for all residents, it’s crucial to have a thorough screening process in place. This includes criminal background checks, credit checks, verifying employment and income, and getting personal references. By properly adhering to FHA laws while vetting new residents, you can make informed decisions about who you allow to live in your mobile home park and avoid future financial and legal problems.

Another issue with accepting cash is keeping accurate records and staying compliant with tax laws. It’s important to have a system in place to record all transactions, including rent payments and other financial documents, to avoid any issues down the line. But the importance of proper vetting goes beyond just financial and legal considerations. By doing your assessment in choosing who can live in your mobile home park, you can create a safe, secure, and peaceful environment for all tenants. Overall, it’s vital to avoid accepting large amounts of cash from would-be tenants and to always properly vet new residents. This way, you can create a safe, stable, and compliant community for all who live there.

Always Screen Your Tenants

Fortunately, screening tenants has never been easier with tools like rentbutter.com. With just a few clicks you can view would-be tenants complete profiles, including their earning and spending habits in real time. While also accessing background checks, credit reports and verifying employment. This makes it simple and convenient to thoroughly screen would-be tenants and make informed decisions about who you allow to live in your mobile home park.

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