What To Do With The Abandoned Homes In My Park?

So you’ve just purchased a park. You begin searching through the records, only to find that your lot has some abandoned homes. How do you get them out? Can you take possession of it and turn it into a rental? Can you sell it?

All of these are great questions. We will do our best to answer them for your below. We actually also know of an online resource that’s dedicated to helping with this issue. It’s called snickfish.com. They have the most current literature on the subject. More on that later. Also, keep in mind some of the rules regarding this are state dependent.

What To Do With An Abandoned Home

In all, there are some processes for recovering the lost title. Doing this will help you get possession of the home. It’s worthy of note, though, that these processes can be very difficult. They are also not ever guaranteed. There’s a chance it wont happen for most who attempt it.

As sated, most of these cases are extremely hard to pull off. In fact, a lot of people decide to give up before completing the process. Many would tear the abandoned property down if they could.

Current Efforts

There is currently an interesting idea being kicked around. It centers on dragging abandoned homes to certain areas in their respective town. They would then be left there for the owner to return and collect should they come back. It’s currently an idea only though, as Glenn notes not having seen it implemented anywhere yet.

This is where Snickfish comes into play. Snickfish is a title management company. A quick visit to their FAQ section reveals some great information on the subject. They have a vast directory regarding the mobile home parks that’s easily accessible.


Snickfish has a wealth of resources within its pages. Its mobile home section allows you to process MHP titles by state. It hosts a user friendly portal that make searching for info on abandoned homes super easy! It even allows you to contact the relevant parties regarding the property.

Other features on the site include Title Transfers. These include insights on dealer and broker driven titles. There are title turn ins, inventory, bulk titles, and even more services. This includes transfers and management services. Explore the site for an even deeper a look at its various subject areas.

The Mobile Home Park Expert

Snickfish makes handling this issue much easier. Pursuing it independently may cost even more money, and will definitely consume time. It’s much like with any other aspect of this industry. Having a subject matter expert to review things with is just a better situation.

That’s where The MHP Expert thrives. We’re here to support your mobile home park efforts as best we can. Are you ready? Give us a call today. We can help make your entrance into the industry as smooth as possible.

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