Why Passive MHP Investing Is Awesome

Welcome back to The MHP Expert Podcast. My buddy Jason and I sat down once again to discuss the latest and greatest in The MHP Industry. Today, we’ll be talking about why Passive MHP Investing is such a great option when it comes to investing.

As we discussed in our last podcast, there have been some concerns plaguing the real estate industry at large. As interest rates begin to climb, The MHP industry still holds the distinction of being one of the best investment options available. Read on for our deep dive into Passive MHP investing!

Mailbox Money With MHP

MHP investing “is as close to mailbox money as you can get.” Of course, this comes with a ton of due diligence, time, and above all patience. But once the benefits start, it’s more than worth it! The first step to reaping these rewards is being an LP with a brand you trust. This usually requires a large lump sum down, as well as an established history as an accredited investor.

For reference, some investors that took this route are looking at phenomenal returns. There are increases reported in the neighborhood of 2000% over a 10 year period, and 100% in the wake of COVID! Purchasing stocks from a brand you can get behind is a great way to start seeing some worthwhile passive income.

MHP Investing Options Worth Exploring

There are even new structures available that allow for entry level positions for those looking for less of a burden. Admittedly, we don’t have as much experience in these structures. Thus we wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending them. But, it still may be worth your own investigation in the event that it works for you. Just be sure to do your own due diligence before committing 100%.

Getting with a good broker or company is a great way to increase your returns. The key is being prepared. You have to go into the deal knowing that this is a lengthy process that could take upwards of 5 to 7 years for the full payoff. It takes patience, but in the end, with the right deal it’s worth it.

A More Hands On Investor

Let’s say you want to be more hands on. We encourage that here at The MHP Expert. It’s good to stay abreast of what’s going on with your investment. Also, you’re more likely to spot more opportunities for growth and return when you’re more of a role player in your investment. That’s not to say being be a passive investor is a bad thing. Both can put you in a winning position.

That said, the main consideration across both paths is to set proper expectations. As long as you know the returns may not reach “mailbox money” status at the onset, push ahead!

The MHP Expert

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