Team Deals: Year End Wrap Up

Hello all! We here at The MHP Expert wish you all a happy holiday and joyous new year. We’re excited to announce some good news on behalf of our company. With all that’s happened, we’ve been fortunate to have our fair share of successes with team deals in 2020.
Before closing the year out, we wanted to let everyone know just how busy we’ve been this year. If anything, this proves how resilient the mobile home park industry is. In the face of a pandemic, our team alone managed to close 27+ deals before year end. Learn more below!

The reality of 2020

When the pandemic first hit in March of 2020, the future seemed bleak, to say the least. Many industries were heavily affected by the mass shutdowns. Even this pales in comparison to number of people affected by COVID-19 on a personal level.
Before we continue, we would like to send our best hopes and wishes to anyone who bared the brunt of this. To those who lost the irreplaceable in 2020, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Here’s to a better year in 2021, we hope it brings you all the joy and success you can stand!

Where we are

As our video shows, our work spanned across many states and cities in the US. We pride ourselves on having a transcontinental presence. From border to border and coast to coast, the Esterson MHC Team has been busy at work!
In the southwest we closed properties in Arizona and New Mexico. In the Rockies we closed a few large deals in Colorado and Wyoming. In the mid-west we did more deals in Indiana, Ohio and Iowa. Heading to the northeast east, we planted roots in New York and Pennsylvania. But it’s in the South where we truly shined. We did multiple deals in nearly every southern state including Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida! All in all we transacted in 15 states with over $97,000,000 worth of communities.

What we do (team deals)

You may be wondering how we managed to achieve this. At the Esterson MHC Team, we believe the foundation of any good business is integrity. This is why we seek to develop sturdy relationships with our partners. We work hand in hand with our collaborators to ensure success. Our list of services include a range of valuable advisory services.
One of the noted services includes an in-depth primary evaluation. This is so that all parties are clear on everyone’s standing, and to have a solid idea of the effort’s potential. We also consult with you on “profit-building strategies”, to maximize efforts and revenue.

The future of mobile home parks and team deals

We truly believe that this is only the beginning of the industry’s bounce back. In fact, though some aspects may have stalled, the industry remained strong for the most part. That gives us hope that future team deals and the trajectory of 2021 will be just as good if not better!

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Are you ready to step into the new year with renewed purpose and professional effort? Does the mobile home park industry sound like something you’re interested in? Reach out to us today! As stated, our range of integrated services can help you win big in this profession. As a result, you could be the next member of the field! Head over to our contact page, and get started now!

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