Podcast Episode 23: Kim Shultz-Rainford On SECO, Mobile Home Park Experience

Glenn and Jay are joined by Kim Shultz-Rainford. Kim appears on behalf of the Affordable Casa Group. The group specializes in offering budget-friendly homes to families. “We give people great options to raise a family.” Her growing portfolio includes Manufactured Home Communities, but she also owns a modest mobile home park. Today, the group discusses her SECO and Mobile Home Park experience.

She also has a role at SECO this year. Like others, she credits much of her network to the bonds made at previous SECO conferences. As you may know, the conference has been moved to a completely digital platform this year. Learn more about the conference, and Kim’s SECO and park owning experiences below. 

Kim’s 1st mobile home park and SECO

“Our first park was 14 lots, with a single family home at the front, which is a rental,” recounts Kim. But after revisiting the city over the property, she was able to add 12 more lots. All are currently occupied. Kim says this is thanks to its convenient location near the airport. “It’s been a great test case. It increases in value every year.” Her other property has over 40 spaces. Its occupation numbers are up from when it was first acquired.

Kim cites previous experience with “lonnie deals” as good preparation for current efforts. This refers to a person acting as a middleman between park owners and residents. You rent space from a park owner and put a refurbished home there. Then you rent the home out for revenue. This is especially valuable to owners with low occupancy.

Entry level benefits

Lonnie deals can be a great tool for establishing yourself in the mobile home park industry. For many, they serve as a starting point to eventual park ownership. Their revenue can be used to provide start up capital for those efforts.

SECO and its educational benefits for mobile home park owners

Kim also echoes the praise of SECO’s information pipeline. It’s always strived to provide members with as much valuable education as possible. This year’s physical limitations have had little effect on this. In fact, the number of educational pieces have doubled from last year’s conference. 

“It’s a heck of a lot of bang for your buck,” assures Kim. She recalls how previous conferences left a significant impact on her approach. Many of the connections lead to discussions of mutual roadblocks. More experienced owners are able to give credible advice. This allows newcomers access to firsthand counsel.

SECO and the benefits of virtual

SECO has grown quickly over the years. A virtual setting may actually serve to accommodate this expansion. “It’s national, it should be considerably more appealing to people around the country.” Instead of having to leave home, you can access SECO’s benefits from directly in front of your laptop.

You can for SECO register at secoconference.com. If you’re serious about entering or staying in this industry, you’ll want to “be” there. For more on SECO and Kim’s experience in mobile home park owning, listen above. Contact The Mobile Home Park Expert today!

Podcast Transcript

Jason Sirotin:
Hello, everybody. Welcome to The Mobile Home Park Expert podcast. I’m Jason Sirotin, joined by my partner in crime as always, Glenn Esterson. Glenn, how are you?

Glenn Esterson:
It’s another beautiful day in paradise, my friend.

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